"IS" I-STAR series having reached to 200 new building vessels
Aug. 29, 2019

On August 29th, 2019, M/V “ZAGORI” was beautifully completed and delivered by Shin-Kasado Dockyard, one of our group shipyards.
It was quite a memorable moment for us, because the ship became just the 200th of "IS" I-STAR series, which are both 61,000DWT type bulk carrier “IS” I-STAR (commonly called “ I-Star”) and 63,000DWT type bulk carrier “IS” NEW I-STAR (commonly called “ New I-Star”)

We achieved the 100th ship’s construction in 2015, five years after the delivery of “M/V IKAN SENYUR” as the first 61,000DWT type bulk carrier “IS” I-STAR in 2010.
And, in 2013, we subsequently created a design of the 63,000 DWT type bulk carrier “IS” NEW I-STAR having its deadweight increased by 2,000 tons and adopting energy-saving technology such as Hybrid-Fin and WAD(Weather Adapted Duct), which leads to reducing fuel consumption.
It was in 2016 that the first ship of “IS” NEW I-STAR was completed and since then, the ship has been highly evaluated in both Japan and overseas, We do appreciate that the 200th ship’s achievement is all due to our customers’ supports.

Aiming to further advance the "IS" I-STAR series and keep it long-running, we are committed to continuing to build quality ships for our customers’ satisfaction.

M/V “ZAGORI”, the 200th ship of "IS" I-STAR series
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