Imabari’s bulker M.V.RAGA wins ‘’Ship of the Year Award 2013’’
Jun.24. 2014
M.V.RAGA built by Imabari Shipbuilding in June 2013 has received ‘’Ship of the Year Award 2013’’ from The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers.

The 95,000M.T.D/W bulk carrier is the 38th vessel of the series of ‘’IS-NEXTER’’ which has been developed as the next generation post panamax bulker, and has won very good reputation from local and overseas customers for its energy saving performance. Further evolution has been achieved for M.V.RAGA by adopting for the first time new super structure called ‘’Aero-Citadel’’ featuring lower wind resistance and antipiracy measures.

Reduction of wind resistance:
Taking the customers’ keen interest in energy saving issue into consideration, we have focused on wind resistance. Major portion of the wind resistance is due to super structure consisting of independent living quarter, funnel casing and engine room. By the Aero-Citadel, we have unified these components and given it a streamlined slim shape with a wing like overview, and finally have succeeded in cutting the wind resistance by around 25-30%.

Improved safety and living condition:
These days, seriousness of piracy for ransom issue is even deepening, although the number of incident occurrence tends to be declining. In order to ensure safety of crew members, we have made diligent analysis on piracy damages in the past and have taken comprehensive counter measures from every aspect. We invited internationally renowned armed guard security company as the consultant, and received high evaluation to various antipiracy measures developed by us.
The living quarter design is renewed for better living condition of crew members, which we believe, may also contribute to recruiting competent human resources

Encouraged by the Award, we continue to focus on building better ships which are environment friendly, secure safety of crew members and comfortable voyage.
M.V.RAGA wins ‘’Ship of the Year Award 2013’’.
The Aero-Citadel,newly designed superstructure.
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