Order secured for new design shallow draft 80,000M.T.D/W Type Bulk Carrier
Feb. 23, 2012
Over 100 years of our company history, Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has built nearly 2,000 newbuilding vessels and has satisfied our customers’ needs by developing many kind of vessels for varied purpose and size.

Social circumstances from time to time, give influence to the required performance of vessels, and we have been introducing new technologies and improved design method. These days, due to the historic hike of fuel oil price, less fuel consumption is required and less environmental burden is also important social issue.

Under the circumstances, Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has developed a shallow draft and wide beam general purpose bulk carrier with significantly improved fuel oil consumption, and this month just completed shipbuilding contract for two (2) vessels with our friend shipowner.

Two years ago, we have received following request from our friend shipowner;
“Bigger size bulk carrier which were recently developed, has deeper draft in order to secure bigger deadweight. But, nearly 70% of world ports have draft limitation of less 14.0meters. Therefore please develop shallow draft bulker capable of 80,000m.t. deadweight with lower fuel consumption.”

We further gathered comments and opinions from domestic and overseas cargo owners and operators as well, and finally, developed shallow draft and wide beam bulk carrier with 229meters LOA, 35meters beam, and capable of 80,000m.t. deadweight at about 13.9meters(45.6feet) draft

By widening the beam, cargo hold capacity has been increased, capable of carrying a large quantity of grain cargo at shallow draft, transporting more cargo to more ports. And by widening the cargo hatch width, cargo handling efficiency has also improved.

The vessel is designed to flexibly satisfy various kind of cargo requirement, having 84,000m.t.deadweight at full laden draft, suitable to carry not only light cargo such as grain, but also coal, and also alternative loading of iron-ore.

In spite of increased size and deadweight, the vessel has achieved superior performance in fuel oil consumption, namely about 28ton/day at 14.5knots service speed. Various sort of energy saving technologies have been applied including “Hybrid Fin” which is our own technology enabling better propulsion efficiency.

The vessel is highly environment friendly design. The effect of such energy saving in terms of CO2 emission is equivalent to about 1,800ton reduction per year (about 7% reduction) compared with conventional panamax bulk carrier. The vessel’s EEDI is about 25% below the reference line, satisfying phase II restrictions which is to be applied to the vessels to be delivered from the year 2020.

The first vessel is scheduled to be delivered in autumn 2014, when the new Panama canal passage will become possible, and operational general versatility will further be widened.

Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has post panamax line-up including 95,000DWT Type “IS NEXTER”, 88,000DWT Type Coal Carrier, and this time, newly designed 80,000DWT shallow draft type is added to the menu, and we believe new line-up would provide more flexibility to our customers’ purpose and needs.
View of the Imabari Shipbuilding’s booth
 Order secured for new design shallow draft 80,000M.T.D/W Type Bulk Carrier
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