38BC, renewed from 37BC and Newly denominated as "IS" BARI-STAR !
Dec. 27. 2010
Our 37,000DWT Type Bulk Carrier was developed as the next-generation small handy size bulk carrier, of which first vessel had been completed on 8th of October, 2010, at our Imabari Head Office Factory, and its 4th vessel is now under construction. During the course of the detailed designing and actual construction, it is confirmed that her performance figure has outweighed the original planning, namely the fuel consumption has been improved by approx. 2%, and the deadweight increased by approx. 1,000metric tons.

Basing on thus confirmed actual performance, we decided to market this vessel as 38,000DWT Type Bulk Carrier with its brand name "IS" BARI-STAR.

"IS" BARI-STAR is the fourth of our main product "IS" series, including "IS" NEXTER(95,000DWT Type Bulk Carrier), "IS" I-STAR(61,000DWT Type Bulk Carrier) and "IS" BRASTAR(335,000DWT Type Ore Carrier).

The brand name "BARI-STAR" comes from the city name of IMABARI, where our Head Office and Imabari Factory is located and also the first "IS" BARI-STAR was born. We sincerely hope that the "IS" BARI-STAR brand will be shining together with continuous development of her home region.

Thanks to the support from both domestic and overseas customers, we have already received over forty orders of "IS" BARI-STAR, and steadily accumulating further as one of our main products.

Principal Particulars:
Length 180m
Breadth 29.8m
Depth 15m
Gross Tonnage 23,300
Deadweight 38,000MT
Main Engine
B&W 6S46MC-C (Mark7)
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